Show HN: Tickers – Your News and Notifications App

Tickers is a free and anonymous realtime notification app
and service. Just think of it as a generic liveticker: Most of you have probably
installed a sports app, where you select your favorite team and whenever it scores or
wins, you receive a realtime notification. Tickers uses this basic concept and
extends it. You select your favorite ticker, subscribe it and receive realtime notifications.But in tickers, everything can be a ticker: news sites,
blogs, YouTube channels, sports results, etc. And you can even start your own ticker
and send realtime notifications to your subscribers, e.g. for a live coverage.
You decide what you care about. Subscribe your favorite tickers in the app —
you can enable push notifications, if you want — and you will never miss anything important again.
Or build your own ticker and share it with your friends and the rest of the world.· Free, fast and anonymous
· No registration required
· Optimized for low data usage

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