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Rolling a virtual DOM

posted Feb 27th 2017, 06:00 am


One of the tools that I often end up rolling myself is a virtual DOM for re-/generating HTML dynamically. One can hope that spreading the word on their utility will help take some of that weight of my shoulders in the future. A virtual DOM may sound daunting; but we’re aiming for utility, not encoding entire standards to the letter. The focus of this post is laying a simple and extensible foundation, with transaction support thrown in as a hint of what’s to come.

virtual DOM

The main reason you may want to consider the virtual DOM approach is that it allows using the full power of your programming language to modularise, generate and update content dynamically. Templates have their uses, but abusing them to implement dynamic content is one of the worst ideas that came out of Rails. Splitting application logic in two parts/languages, one for


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