11 Things You Can Do with OnlyOffice, but Can’t with Google Docs or MSW Online

We’re frequently asked the same question: what benefits does ONLYOFFICE have in comparison with other document editors? So, it’s high time we gave all of you detailed answer.
We compared ONLYOFFICE online editors to our main rivals – Google Docs and MS Word Online. And here’s the result of our little research: the list of things you actually can do using ONLYOFFICE, but can’t using Google Docs or MS Word Online:
Open documents without distortion
MS Word Online opens documents perfectly using own Viewer. It is standard MS Word, installed on their server, that shows us this picture. Press “Edit” and you will be asked whether you want to open the doc in MS Word on your PC or in MS Word Online. Choose the 2nd variant, wait for some time and say bye-bye to the original formatting. The image changed its position in the text, all of your formulas turned into sad

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