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Jess Frazelle

Jess Frazelle
Jess Frazelle works on Kubernetes full-time. Previously she maintained Docker, a software containerization platform used by thousands of teams.


I was already familiar with Docker, but I opened my first pull request on July 9th, 2014. It was to fix some duplicate IP tables rules. After joining the company and contributing more, I became a maintainer.

Even though I’m no longer at Docker, I still work on open source full time for Kubernetes—it’s awesome! l contribute in my free time, too, but it’s super nice to be paid for something I would do anyways. Then I get to spend 100 percent of my time on code being released to the public.

Daily tasks

First get through the pertinent stuff via uber-sophisticated-yet-awful email filters, the labels “github/ping” and “mailing lists/participating”:

Triage and prioritize over email
Tend to GitHub mentions
Respond to mailing list discussions with new replies that need my attention
Then get on with it:



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