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Welcome to the New AWS AI Blog

If you ask 100 people for the definition of “artificial intelligence,” you’ll get at least 100 answers, if not more. At AWS, we define it as a service or system which can perform tasks that usually require human-level intelligence such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision making, or translation. On this new AWS blog, we’ll be covering these areas and more, with in-depth technical content, customer stories, and new feature announcements.
The challenges related to building sophisticated AI systems center mostly around scale: the datasets are large, training is computationally hungry, and inferring predictions can be challenging to do at scale or on lower-power and mobile devices. Customers have been using AWS to solve these general problems for years, and the ability to be able to access storage, GPUs, CPUs, and IoT services on demand has emerged as a perfect fit for intelligent systems in production. AWS has become


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