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Introducing Netflix Stethoscope

Netflix is pleased to announce the open source release of Stethoscope, our first project following a User Focused Security approach.

The notion of “User Focused Security” acknowledges that attacks

against corporate users (e.g., phishing, malware) are the primary

mechanism leading to security incidents and data breaches, and it’s one of the core principles driving our approach to corporate

information security. It’s also reflective of our philosophy that tools are only effective when they consider the true context of people’s work.

Stethoscope is a web application that collects information for a given user’s devices and gives them clear and specific recommendations for securing their systems.

If we provide employees with focused, actionable information and low-friction tools, we believe they can get their devices into a more secure state without heavy-handed policy enforcement.

Software that treats people like people, not like cogs in the machine

We believe that Netflix employees fundamentally want to do the right thing, and, as a


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