GPUs Are Now Available for Google Compute Engine and Cloud Machine Learning

Supercharge machine learning
The new Google Cloud GPUs are tightly integrated with Google Cloud Machine Learning (Cloud ML), helping you slash the time it takes to train machine learning models at scale using the TensorFlow framework. Now, instead of taking several days to train an image classifier on a large image dataset on a single machine, you can run distributed training with multiple GPU workers on Cloud ML, dramatically shorten your development cycle and iterate quickly on the model.Cloud ML is a fully-managed service that provides end-to-end training and prediction workflow with cloud computing tools such as Google Cloud Dataflow, Google BigQuery, Google Cloud Storage and Google Cloud Datalab.Start small and train a TensorFlow model locally on a small dataset. Then, kick off a larger Cloud ML training job against a full dataset in the cloud to take advantage of the scale and performance of Google Cloud GPUs. For more on

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