Who Is Root? Why Does Root Exist?

Have you ever wondered why there is a special account named root in Linux? Do you know what are the recommended best practices to use this account? Are you aware of the scenarios where…
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Show HN: WebSocket-first development


This is a demo app for lattice-core which is a framework for crystal I’m working on that is still
very much in the proof-of-concept stage. The intent is to really show how powerful a WebSocket-first framework can be. Kemal serves as an excellent base, and crystal’s ruby-like syntax with native speed brings everything together.

If you haven’t spent some time investigation crystal, please take a look. It is an amazing language with an excellent library.


git clone git@github.com:jasonl99/card_game.git
cd card_game
shards install
crystal src/card_game.cr


Open a browser and go to localhost:3000/cardgame/abc where abc becomes a new game at that address.
Use Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or whatever browser you’d like at the same url to show more than one session accessing a game. Imagine each browser is a different user in a different location. Once a game is created, it stays in server memory (garbage collection is in progress on lattice-core.)

For demonstration purposes, each session

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Medium plans to launch a consumer subscription product this quarter

Medium CEO Ev Williams announced today at Upfront Summit that his company will launch a consumer subscription product, with the first version coming this quarter. This could help develop an additional revenue stream apart from advertisements. Finding a strong revenue source is critical, since Medium decided to lay off 50 staff, close its New York office, and announce a new direction last month.
Ev called the product “an upgrade to your Medium experience” and urged people to subscribe when it’s ready. He discussed the layoffs as part of the path to subscriptions, as previously Medium was focused on getting big publishers joining its platform by running ad sales for their properties itself. At the time of the layoffs, Ev wrote “It is too soon to say exactly what this will look like” regarding the new direction of the company. But now it’s coming into focus.
You can see a quick clip of him

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Linuxbrew – A Common Package Manager For Linux And Mac OS X

ostechnix: If you have used Mac OS, you will certainly have known about Homebrew, a package manager that allows you to install, remove, and update Unix tools and open source applications and packages.

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