I used LAMP to make a SaaS with $3700/mo profit

Here I’m going to share my experience on creating a SaaS webservice with a simple LAMP stack and making it earn $3700 per month (actually it made around $7000 before the Russian currency had tanked). Again, this story has nothing to do with investors, the Silicon Valley gold rush, and über modern technology. Just a simple story from an indie developer about making a profitable SaaS anyone could make. This webservice has been made for the Russian domestic market, so I’ve translated everything into English and USD for convenience. Otherwise, this experience is pretty general and could be adopted anywhere. It’s a blueprint, actually.Three years ago I decided to tap into social media marketing and the easiest way to do that seemed to start my own group in some niche and to try to grow it. Facebook had already been a bit competitive at the moment, to say the least,

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