New GitHub Terms of Service

We’re in the process of updating our Terms of Service, and we’d like to get your input on the draft of our new Terms.
Why the change?
In short, our current Terms of Service agreement could do a better job of answering your questions about how our service works. We’ve heard your feedback, and we’re updating our Terms to make them less ambiguous and easier to read so that you know what you’re agreeing to.
An overview of the new Terms
In general, this update lets us do a better job of putting our current business practices in clearer terms for our users. Some of the changes you’ll find in the new Terms of Service:
Reading the Terms: You’ll find a table of contents, as well as a summary of every section in plain English.
Acceptable Use: We have clarified our Acceptable Use Policy, including our policy on scraping and misuse of GitHub Users’ personal information.

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