Jepsen: MongoDB 3.4.0-rc3

In the past year and a half, MongoDB has put a good deal of work into improved read safety, enabled by the adoption of their new replication protocol and the WiredTiger storage engine. Dirty reads were addressed in 3.2 by introducing a majority read concern, and stale reads were addressed with the introduction of the linearizable read concern in 3.4. MongoDB contracted with Jepsen to analyze the safety of these mechanisms, and adopted Jepsen linearizability tests as a part of their continuous integration suite.
In November 2016, MongoDB requested Jepsen perform a followup analysis of a 3.4.0 release candidate (3.4.0-rc3) to confirm whether their linearizable read concern behaved as designed. We found critical design flaws in MongoDB’s old replication protocol (v0), and multiple bugs in the new replication protocol (v1). These errors allowed (and, for any cluster running the v0 protocol, still allow) MongoDB to lose acknowledged updates even at the

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