Scaling Git, and some back story

A couple of years ago, Microsoft made the decision to begin a multi-year investment in revitalizing our engineering system across the company.  We are a big company with tons of teams – each with their own products, priorities, processes and tools.  There are some “common” tools but also a lot of diversity – with VERY MANY internally developed one-off tools (by team I kind of mean division – thousands of engineers).
There are a lot of downsides to this:
Lots of redundant investments in teams building similar tooling
Inability to fund any of the tooling to “critical mass”
Difficulty for employees to move around the company due to different tools and process
Difficulty in sharing code across organizations
Friction for new hires getting started due to an overabundance of “MS-only” tools
And more…
We set out on an effort we call the “One Engineering System” or “1ES”.  Just yesterday we had a 1ES day where thousands of engineers gathered to celebrate the

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