WordPress on .NET

After months of implementing the required PHP functionality in Peachpie, our platform is now finally ready to run a larger real-world application: WordPress.

The popular Phalanger project already proved that running a virtually unmodified clone of WordPress on Microsoft .NET is possible. Still the solution had its issues and was not compatible with new WordPress releases. Now the successor to Phalanger, Peachpie, is also able to run WordPress as a fully managed application on .NET and .NET Core.
Please consider this a proof of concept and keep in mind that Peachpie is still a work in progress. We do not recommend using this in a production environment yet. Our primary objective with this announcement is to prove that Peachpie really is compatible with the standard PHP used in WordPress and to demonstrate its benefits.
There are several reasons why it is desirable to run WordPress on .NET:
Performance: compiled code is fast and also optimized

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Show HN: Shortlink – Local, easy to remember URL aliases

Website links too hard to remember? Shortlink it!Better than bookmarks, create Shortlinks for your hard to remember URLs.

Press Alt+D (Mac) or Ctrl+Shift+S (Windows) to create a Shortlink. Type that Shortlink into your url bar to pull up the page again (ex. m/roadmap). Need help? Check out m/help (or http://m/help).

Currently has a 16 link limit, want more? Premium will be coming soon!

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Disruption in Amazon’s cloud service ripples through internet

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Web users experienced widespread glitches on Tuesday, from news sites to government services, after Amazon.com Inc’s popular cloud service that hosts their data suffered a technical disruption.

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Google’s note-taking app Keep joins G Suite, now integrates with Google Docs

 Google Keep, a competitor to note-taking apps like Evernote and Microsoft’s OneNote, is today being integrated into Google’s suite of applications aimed at businesses, G Suite (previously, Google Apps for Your Domain). This allows Keep to become a part of users’ workflow for capturing ideas, jotting down quick reminders or to-dos, creating checklists, taking meeting notes… Read More

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An Introduction to Open Data Kit

With just a little imagination, you could easily make yourself a pretty cool mobile app using Open Data Kit.

The Screening Room

Open Data Kit is a free and open source set of tools which help organizations author, field, and manage mobile data collection solutions. The flexibility that open source offers means that the use cases for these tools are very broad. Check this introductory video about ODK tools which explains a rural medicine use case.

As an educator, I can’t help but visualize a very fun scavenger hunt where students use clues from one location to reach the next location of clues — and then take photos of milestones along the way. The mischievous elf inside of me suggests that some of the photos for this scavenger hunt be a challenge to take. A challenge, but not a dangerous challenge.
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