Google Brings AI to Raspberry Pi

By Jane Wakefield
Technology reporter

25 January 2017

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Raspberry Pi Foundation

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Raspberry Pi makers have tied up with Google previously

Google is planning to bring artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to the Raspberry Pi.The low-cost credit-card sized computer is widely used by schools and the maker community for programming devices.Google has asked makers to complete a survey about what smart tools would be “most helpful”.And it suggests tools to aid face and emotion recognition, speech-to-text translation, natural language processing and sentiment analysis.Google has previously developed a range of tools for machine learning, internet of things devices, wearables, robotics and home automation.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation said the new tools could enable makers “to build even more powerful projects”.”Google

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In Search of an Open Source DNS Server

You’d think that in this day and age finding a free and open DNS server would be easy, no? Evidently, not so much. That didn’t keep Roblimo from finding one, however.

Roblimo’s Hideaway

Does it matter whether the DNS server you use is open source? Most of the good ones run proprietary code. But after some tedious shopping and testing, I finally found one that’s open source, community-owned, and (so far, at least) as reliable as its proprietary competitors.
One day Web pages started loading slowly for me. Not just on one computer, but on Linux, Windows, Mac, a Chromebook, and two Android phones. All the devices on my home network were suddenly spending a crazy amount of time displaying things like the FOSS Force front page.
It wasn’t my connection speed. I pay Frontier for 25 Mbps FIOS. I did a fast connection speed test and I was getting 30 down and 30

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