Show HN: Invite friends to SSH into your laptop using their GitHub handle

Jan 25, 2017
Taylor Wakefield

Instant SSH Everywhere

Wouldn’t it be great to allow a fellow developer to quickly and securely SSH into
your laptop when you’re in the middle of a debugging session even if you are on two
separate networks behind NAT?

A few months ago we released a free tool, Teleconsole, we built so we
could do exactly that. We are a distributed team, with bare metal servers sitting in our San Francisco
office, several AWS and Azure regions and a bunch of customer environments we are sometimes asked to
jump into.

Teleconsole makes it really easy to share a session: the inviting
party simply types the following into the terminal on any UNIX machine:

$ teleconsole

Which produces something like:

Your Teleconsole ID: 02f8cf345e9f00c1ee498ce410e8a2d10fb8a512
WebUI for this session:

Then you can just share the Teleconsole ID to invite someone and they just have to type
the following to jump into your session:

$ teleconsole join

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