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Intel’s Arches Canyon NUC

Back in 2015 Intel released the Grass Canyon NUC, model NUC5PGYH, as their first complete NUC-based system. It included on-board storage (via eMMC), RAM, and came pre-installed with Windows 10 Home.  When I reviewed it, I found it a nice little entry-level system with a “good enough” Pentium processor. What I didn’t like about it was the small 32GB of storage. For a Windows system, 32GB for the OS just didn’t seem enough. Also, 2GB of RAM, while functional, didn’t leave much room for running multiple apps at once.
Intel’s new Arches Canyon, model NUC6CAYS, is the successor to the Grass Canyon.  It continues the concept of an “out-of-the box” NUC system.  Arches Canyon adds some nice new features.  Larger storage isn’t one of them, sadly. But it does show improvements in other areas.

I thought the best way to explain some of the differences between Grass Canyon and Arches Canyon was to


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