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Tiny Guide to Non Fancy Node

A tiny guide to non fancy, high-value Node.js things. Because we’re folks that
want to build fun things, rather than spending time fighting our tools.


Node.js is a truly neat piece of software. It has one of the largest
programming communities, and somehow both a very low barrier to entry and a
high skill cap. Picking Node as the hammer in your programming toolbox is not a
bad choice.

Node can be a little overwhelming though. Because of the low barrier to entry
for both writing and publishing software, it can sometimes become hard to find
exactly what you need. That’s why this tiny guide exists: a little set of
opinions to help guide you in the vast world of Node.

Obviously other people will have different opinions, and that’s cool. This is
what I’ve found to work for me, over the years. It’s fine if we disagree.
But there might be a chance you’ll find this works


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