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End-user storage from Amazon?

I sent this email to Jeff Barr, a longtime friend who is the chief evangelist for AWS. We go back to the beginnings of RSS. I really want this service, if not from Amazon, possibly from a another vendor? I don’t know, but this gap has to be filled by someone. Please! The emailJeff, a few years back Amazon introduced a way to access S3 storage from a JavaScript app in the browser.I would have used it if the S3 storage were paid for by the user.Ideally, here’s how it would work: The user would manage it through a simple browser-based UI, as part of the Amazon consumer website.They could log onto my app using oAuth, connecting with an Amazon ID server.I would then be able to, in my browser-based code, access a sandbox within the user’s space that’s allocated just for my app.Bonus: Allow two or more apps to share


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