Alenka: GPU database engine

What is this?

This is a GPU based database engine written to use vector based processing and high bandwidth of modern GPUs


CUDA (nvcc) + Nvidia GPU
Modern GPU Library (included as submodule)
How to build?

git clone –recursive
cd Alenka

Features :

Vector-based processingCUDA programming model allows a single operation to be applied to an entire set of data at once.
Smart compressionUltra fast compression and decompression on GPU.
Database operations on compressed data.
Column-based storageMinimizes disk I/O by only accessing the relevant data.
Data skippingBetter performance without indexes.
Fast LoadingGpu based CSV parser loads the data into database at very high speed.
How to use it ?

Create your data files :

Run scripts load_orders.sql, load_lineitem.sql and load_customer.sql to create your database files.

Run your queries from a command prompt or use Alenka JDBC driver from Technica Corporation

Step 1 – Filter data

OFI := FILTER orders BY o_orderdate < 19950315;

CF := FILTER customers BY c_mktsegment == "BUILDING";

LF :=

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