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How to switch a stack without downtime

TL;DR — I joined Stuart in 2015
as a CTO, and the first big decision I had to take was moving away from the
legacy codebase. How do you do that live, while growing business? This is some
of the ideas we had allowing us to successfully transition from a PHP codebase
to our new Ruby Stack. This post follows a talk I did at
Kikk (video
available) and

This is not a comparaison between PHP and Ruby, and I see nothing wrong in
using any of those. We’re actually looking at adding other languages to our
stack like Elixir, Go or more
Node.js as they all have very good use cases.

Stuart is always hiring coders and you should talk to
me if you’d like to be part of it. We offer
competitive salaries, a good environment and allow remotes.

I am also available if you need a speaker at a conference.

The quick list which I think helped me to move legacy code


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