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OpenStreetMap plugin for Unreal Engine 4

This plugin allows you to import OpenStreetMap XML data into your Unreal Engine 4 project as a new StreetMap asset type. You can use the example Street Map Component to render streets and buildings.

Have fun!! –Mike

(Note: This plugin is a just a fun weekend project and not officially supported by Epic.)

Quick Start

It’s easy to get up and running:

Download the StreetMap plugin source from this page (click Clone or download -> Download ZIP).
Unzip the files into a new StreetMap sub-folder under your project’s Plugins folder. It should end up looking like “/MyProject/Plugins/StreetMap/”
Rebuild your C++ project. The new plugin will be compiled too!
Load the editor. You can now drag and drop OpenStreetMap XML files (.osm) into Content Browser to import map data!
Create a Street Map Component and assign your new asset to the component’s Street Map property. You should now see your streets and buildings in the 3D


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