FLAC 1.3.2 has been released

This is an informal changelog, a summary of changes in each release. (See also known bugs.) Particulary important for developers is the precise description of changes to the library interfaces. See also the porting guide for specific instructions on porting to newer versions of FLAC.FLAC 1.3.2 (01-Jan-2017)

Fix undefined behaviour using GCC/Clang UBSAN (erikd).
General hardening via fuzz testing with AFL (erikd and others).
General code improvements (lvqcl, erikd and others).
Add FLAC in MP4 specification docs (Ralph Giles).
MSVS build cleanups (lvqcl).
Fix some cppcheck warnings (erikd).
Assume all currently used OSes support SSE2.

FLAC format:

Ogg FLAC format:

Fix potential infinite loop on flac-to-flac conversion (erikd).
Add WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE to WAV (as needed) when decoding (lvqcl).
Only write vorbis-comments if they are non-empty.
Error out if decoding RAW with bits != (8|16|24).

Add –scan-replay-gain option.


build system:
Fixes for MSVC and Makefile.lite build systems.


CPU detection cleanup and fixes (Julian Calaby, erikd and lvqcl).
Fix two stream decoder bugs (Max Kellermann).
Fix a NULL dereference bug (on a

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