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ZFS Root Filesystem on AWS

Did you know you can create your own Linux AWS EC2 AMI which is running 100%
ZFS for all filesystems (/, /boot – everything)? You can, and it’s not too hard
as long as you are experienced with installing Linux without an installer.
Here’s the rough instructions for setting this up with a modern Debian based
system (I’ve tested with Debian and Ubuntu). As far as I know, this is the
first published account of how to set this up. There aren’t any prebuilt AMIs
available that I know of, but I might just do that unless someone else beats me
to it.

Why run ZFS for the root filesystem? Not only is ZFS a high performing
filesystem, but using native ZFS for everything makes storage management a
cinch. For example, want to keep your root EBS volumes small? No problem – keep
your AMI on a 1GB volume (yes, it’s possible to be that small), and extend the
ZFS pool dynamically


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