Faster Images using HTTP2 and Progressive JPEGs

tl;dr: Progressive images render faster on HTTP2, thus increasing perceived performance. Take control of progressive JPEG’s scan layers to show meaningful image content with only 25% of image data sent. Use HTTP2 Server Push for progressive JPEG scan layers to maximize rendering performance for key images.
We Have An Image Problem
Images make the world go round: they engage, enrage & encourage us. The web as we know it depends on images. This comes at a price: images make up ~65% of average total bytes per page and have a high correlation to page load time as well as the Speed Index. They also grow by ~200kb year after year. In short, images are heavy and make things slow.
Get Compressin’!
The best way to counter negative effects of loading image assets is image compression: using tools such as Kornel Lesiński‘s ImageOptim, which utilizes great libraries like mozjpeg and pngquant, we can

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