WebRTC: the future of web games

Tue Dec 27 2016At some point in JumpSuit‘s development I realized it was impossible to create the game we envisioned: WebSockets are just too slow, because they sit on top of TCP.
While it is possible to write moderately fast-paced games with them, such as the enormously successful Agar.io and Slither.io, if you need low-latency, WebSockets won’t cut it.
So I started looking for alternatives.
WebRTC is currently the only way a browser can exchange with the outside world in UDP-like fashion – disregarding Flash. While it is fairly recent, browser support is decent enough that Facebook Messenger, Skype and Google Hangouts started using it, to only name a few.
However, WebRTC has been designed to do P2P VoIP on the browser, not to create game servers. But surprisingly, games benefit greatly from these same features which are essential to VoIP.
Data channels are awesome
Along with audio and video, WebRTC makes it possible to create

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