Add Math and LaTeX to Your GitHub

Renders LaTeX for Github Readmes

Make sure that pdflatex is installed on your system.

readme2tex is a Python script that “texifies” your readme. It takes in Github Markdown and
replaces anything enclosed between dollar signs with rendered .

In addition, while other Github TeX renderers tend to give a jumpy look to the compiled text,

readme2tex ensures that inline mathematical expressions
are properly aligned with the rest of the text to give a more natural look to the document. For example,
this equation is preprocessed so that it lines up at the correct baseline for the text.
This is the one salient feature of this package compared to the others out there.


Make sure that you have Python 2.7 or above and pip installed. In addition, you’ll need to have the programs latex
and dvisvgm on your PATH. In addition, you’ll need to pre-install the geometry package in .

To install readme2tex, you’ll need to

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