Raspberry Pi releases an OS to breathe new life into old PCs

Built on top of Debian, the OS is light enough to run most old machines, provided you have at least 512MB of RAM. “Because we’re using the venerable i386 architecture variant it should run even on vintage machines like my ThinkPad X40 (above),” Upton said.It’s easy to try out, but Upton urges you back up machines that may have valuable data. After downloading the image, you burn it either to a DVD or USB stick, then enable booting of those devices. You can normally do that by tweaking your PC’s BIOS or by holding the “C” key down when you boot up a Mac.From there, it’ll run the OS with no need to install anything. If you booted on a USB stick, you’ll get the option to run “with persistence,” meaning any changes or files will stick for the next session. If you’d rather just play around and start fresh

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