We’re Bringing GitLab Pages to the Community Edition

The wider community asked us open source GitLab pages. Inspired by the holiday-spirit we’re happy to bring GitLab Pages to the Community Edition (CE) of GitLab. GitLab Pages allows you to host static websites straight from GitLab, with any kind of static site generator. For instance, my personal website is hosted through GitLab Pages on GitLab.com using my favorite static site generator Middleman (see the source here). Even our documentation site is also fully built on GitLab Pages. Until today, GitLab Pages was exclusive to the Enterprise Edition of GitLab. When we chose to limit this functionality to EE, we did so based on the reasoning that small teams wouldn’t be interested in this functionality. We thought it met our stewardship criteria that it was more relevant for organizations that have more than 100 potential users. We thought that small teams would use the option of using GitLab.com (which runs

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