Autovpn – Script to Create an OpenVPN Endpoint on AWS

Script that allows the easy creation of OpenVPN endpoints in any AWS region. To create a VPN endpoint is done with a single command takes ~3 minutes. It will create a VPC with proper security groups. It spins up a tagged ec2 instance and configures OpenVPN software. Once instance is configured an OpenVPN configuration file is downloaded and ready to use. There is also functionality to see which instances are running in which region and ability to terminate the instance when done. Additional functionality includes specifying instance type, generate ssh keypairs, specify custom ami, change login user and more to come.

Dependencies: boto and paramiko (python packages) and aws .credentials file on system

Clone repo to system.
Execute autovpn with -C -k and -r options to deploy to AWS
./autovpn -C -r us-east-1 -k macbook
OpenVPN config files are downloaded to current working directory.
Import the OpenVPN config file into VPN

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