TiddlyWiki App Engine Server


This is a minimal Google App Engine app, written in Go, that can serve
as the back end for a personal TiddlyWiki

The TiddlyWiki5 implementation
has a number of back end options. This app implements the backend expected
by the “TiddlyWeb and TiddlySpace components” plugin.

The usual way to deploy TiddlyWeb is to run a fairly complex Python web server
program. I’d rather not. Instead I implemented a minimal Go server that responds
appropriately to the (relatively few) needed JSON API calls.


The TiddlyWeb JSON API envisions a multiuser system in which different users have
access to different sets of tiddlers. This Go server contains none of that:
it assumes that all users have full access to everything, although it does record
who created which tiddlers. The only access control is that the app.yaml here
requires HTTPS and administrator login for all URLs, and as a “belt and suspenders” measure,
the app itself also refuses to serve to non-admins,

Original URL: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/feedsapi/BwPx/~3/d3eTKes2jHQ/tiddly

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