GitLab 8.15 Released

With this last release of the year, we’re not only completing our Master Plan, but we want to show you something cool we’ve been working on: With GitLab 8.15, we’re introducing Auto Deploy (shown in the video at 1:42), which automates setting up deploys and review apps. For a Ruby on Rails project, this brings setup time to under a minute. Plus, to make accessing your environments easier and faster, you can now access them directly through a terminal in GitLab (shown in the video at 5:18). We want to give the power of containers, continuous integration and deployment, review apps and container schedulers to everyone. With GitLab 8.15, we take away all the hard work without hiding anything. In the demonstration we setup and deploy a Ruby application with review apps, multiple environments, chatops to a Kubernetes cluster in about 12 minutes. This typically takes days, if not weeks

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