What is it …

mdmath allows to use Visual Studio Code as a markdown editor capable of typesetting and rendering TeX math.
In fact it functions and renders identically to the built in markdown viewer. Additionally KaTeX works inside as a fast math renderer.

You can install the extension directly from Visual Studio Code Marketplace.

Release 1.0 published with support of …

Formula numbers.


Simplify the process of authoring and live previewing markdown documents containing math formulas.
This extension is a comfortable tool for scientists, engineers and students with markdown as their first choice
document format.

Inline math by $ … $
Display math by $$ … $$
Add formula numbering by $$ … $$ (1)
Inline math with tables
Embedded HTML
Syntax highlighting with code sections
Export resulting HTML code for web usage
Test Table

Some math expressions are collected in a test table.

Installation …

… from inside of VSCode

Press F1 key inside of Visual Studio Code and type extension. Choose Extensions:

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