Amazon Lightsail 1GB Is No Match for $10 VPS from Linode, DO

TLDR: Amazon Lightsail 1GB will melt down with less than 15% sustained cpu usage

Amazon Lightsail launched to much fanfare last week, threatening the business of competitors like DigitalOcean, Linode, OVH, and many others who have long offered simple, cheap, all-included price VPS servers.

At VpsBenchmarks, we specialize in testing this type of VPS so we wasted no time firing up an instance of the 1GB 1 core $10 flavor of Lightsail. I setup our web app on this VPS, pointed traffic at it and also ran Sysbench tests.

That didn’t go well.

It took only 2 hours after setup and an average 25% cpu usage for the cpu steal to start climbing, just a few percentage points at first, but more than 80% after one more hour. At this point the web server was unresponsive, requests that normally take 60ms were now taking several seconds. This was on happening on 12/4 01:00

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