Amazon Lightsail 1GB Is No Match for $10 VPS from Linode, DO

TLDR: Amazon Lightsail 1GB will melt down with less than 15% sustained cpu usage

Amazon Lightsail launched to much fanfare last week, threatening the business of competitors like DigitalOcean, Linode, OVH, and many others who have long offered simple, cheap, all-included price VPS servers.

At VpsBenchmarks, we specialize in testing this type of VPS so we wasted no time firing up an instance of the 1GB 1 core $10 flavor of Lightsail. I setup our web app on this VPS, pointed traffic at it and also ran Sysbench tests.

That didn’t go well.

It took only 2 hours after setup and an average 25% cpu usage for the cpu steal to start climbing, just a few percentage points at first, but more than 80% after one more hour. At this point the web server was unresponsive, requests that normally take 60ms were now taking several seconds. This was on happening on 12/4 01:00

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Firefox Hardware Report for Web Developers

Suppose you’re developing a sophisticated web game or application, and you’re wondering — will it actually be able to run? What hardware should I be targeting to get the widest possible audience? Existing hardware reports (such as those from Valve and Unity) are excellent, but represent a different group of hardware users than the majority of people who use the web.
We’ve been working on the next-generation web game platform for years now, and often receive questions from web developers about the hardware market. Today we’re releasing the Firefox Hardware Report to help answer those questions and inform your development decisions.
On this site you’ll find a variety of data points showing what hardware and OSes Firefox web users are using on the web, and trends over time. This includes CPU vendors, cores, and speeds; system memory; GPU vendors, models, and display resolution; Operating System architecture and market share; browser architecture share,

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