VimWiki – A personal wiki for Vim

Vimwiki is a personal wiki for Vim – interlinked, plain text files written in a markup language

organize notes and ideas and quickly create links between them
manage todo-lists
write a diary


three markup syntaxes supported: Vimwiki’s own syntax, Markdown, MediaWiki
export everything to HTML
link to other wiki pages and external files
search through all wiki pages
outline notes and tasks in indented lists
quickly manipulate numbered and bulleted lists
tag wiki pages or arbitrary places and quickly jump to tags
auto-formatted tables


Press ww (this is usually ww) to go to your index
page. By default it is located in ~/vimwiki/

Feed it with the following example:

= My knowledge base =
* Tasks — things to be done _yesterday_!!!
* Project Gutenberg — good books are power.
* Scratchpad — various temporary stuff.

Place your cursor on Tasks and press Enter to create a link. Press Enter again to
open it. Edit the new page, save it, and press Backspace to jump back to

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