Linux 4.9 is out

 Linus Torvalds To:
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 Linux 4.9Date:
 Sun, 11 Dec 2016 12:50:25 -0800Message-ID:
So Linux 4.9 is out, and the merge window for 4.10 is thus open.

With the extra week for 4.9, the timing for the merge window is
obviously a bit awkward, and it technically closes in two weeks on
Christmas Day. But that is a pure technicality, because I will
certainly stop pulling on the 23rd at the latest, and if I get roped
into xmas food prep, even that date might be questionable.

I could extend the merge window rather than cut it short, but I’m not
going to. I suspect we all want a nice calm winter break, so if your
stuff isn’t ready to be merged early, the solution is to just not
merge it yet at all, and wait for 4.11. Just so you all know (I
already bcc’d the main merge

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