Hyper 1.0.0

Hyper 1.0.0 is here!

Windows support and improved Linux support

We are very excited to announce that we now support Windows – and we’re also shipping a first-class Linux version:

We moved from child_pty to pty.js – they’re both great libraries to interact with a pseudo terminal, but just the latter supports Windows – 3384442 – [Thanks @tyriar]
We rewrote the UI for the tabs in order for them to work with Electron’s constraints on Windows and Linux – f8a8da6 – [@CodeTheory]
We added a hamburguer menu so the application menu can be easily accessed – [@CodeTheory + @evilrabbit]
Check #946 and #1058 for more info

Improved internationalization and foreign keyboards support

We are shipping a fix for a very common issue: if you’re using a foreign keyboard, such as Portuguese, Norwegian, Swedish etc, you weren’t able to type some characters like á, ä, ~ and so on. That’s not the case anymore!

We inject a hyper-caret div with

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