Show HN: xOS – a 32-bit OS for the PC

xOS is an operating system written for the PC entirely in assembly language. This results in faster execution, smaller program sizes and overall simplicity. The goal of xOS is to be fully functional, yet small and simple.

xOS is still under early stages of development; although the following features are already implemented:

PCI and ACPI, with shutdown.
ATA and SATA hard disks.
Multitasking and userspace.
PS/2 keyboard and mouse.
True-color windowed graphical user interface.
A Pentium CPU with SSE2, or better.
VESA 2.0-compatible BIOS, capable of true-color.
Little over 16 MB of RAM.
Few megabytes disk space.
For building requirements, you’ll need Flat Assembler in your $PATH. Then, run and it will build the xOS kernel to disk.hdd. Feel free to tweak with xOS as you like, just please give me feedback.

xOS is provided as a disk image. disk.hdd in this repository can be considered the latest nightly build. It is very likely unstable and

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