This Week in Rails: jQuery no longer part of Rails, and more

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Prathamesh and Greg here, bringing you all the latest from This Week in Rails…..Which is actually “Past 2 weeks in Rails” because we missed to send last week’s issue due to illness. But we are back now, so let’s see what happened in the Rails world since the last issue.


This week’s Rails contributors

The past 2 weeks 38 awesome people contributed to Rails. Want to be part of the show? Head to the issues list and make a contribution!

jQuery is no longer a dependency of Rails

The Rails javascript helpers has been rewritten in a new gem called rails-ujs and they use vanilla javascript, so jQuery is not a dependency of Rails anymore.

Rails 5.0.1.rc1 has been released!

The first release candidate for 5.0.1 has been released and if no issues found, the final will be release on the 6th of December.


form_with helper to unify form_tag and form_for

The form_for and form_tag helpers serve

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Make Raspberry Pi Portable With 5-inch Touch Screen

You can be your own Geordi La Forge and build yourself a fully capable GNU/Linux pocket computer with this uber inexpensive five-inch touch screen and a Raspberry Pi.

The Video Screening Room

A Raspberry Pi enthusiast in Thailand shares this video showing how you can take your Raspberry Pi on the road with a $28 five-inch HDMI touch screen available from AliExpresss.

The touch-screen capabilities of this cute device bring to mind HyperCard-like interactive stacks that youth and adults could create using the free, open source Community Edition of LiveCode. Imagine students showing their parents or guardians interactive presentations — including text, graphics, and video — from branching “cards” that the student themselves had made.
This cute little screen makes it feasible for a school to send such a presentation home with a student. For those of you too young to have witnessed it, HyperCard — which shipped free with every Mac between 1987

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