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Surprise – a simple recommender system library for Python


Surprise is an easy-to-use open
source Python library for recommender systems. Its goal is to make life easier
for reseachers who want to play around with new algorithms ideas, for teachers
who want some teaching materials, and for students.

Surprise was designed with the
following purposes in mind:

Give the user perfect control over his experiments. To this end, a strong
emphasis is laid on
documentation, which we
have tried to make as clear and precise as possible by pointing out every
details of the algorithms.
Alleviate the pain of Dataset
Users can use both built-in datasets
Jester), and their own custom datasets.
Provide with various ready-to-use prediction
algorithms (Neighborhood approaches, SVD, SVD++…)
Make it easy to implement new algorithm
Provide with tools to evaluate,
the algorithms performance. Cross-validation procedures can be run very easily.
The name SurPRISE (roughly) stands for Simple Python RecommendatIon System

Installation / Usage

The easiest way is to use pip (you’ll need numpy):

Or you can clone the repo and build the source


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