Setting up an HA Kubernetes cluster with private networking in AWS

In this tutorial we will cover setting up a HA privately networked Kubernetes cluster in AWS with Kubernetes kops.
Fully private VPC, housing utility and private subnets, with hybrid cloud capabilities over VPN
HA (Highly Available) masters spread across availability zones with private subnetting
Nodes spread across availability zones with private subnetting
Routing between subnets with NAT gateways
Elastic Load Balancers in front of the resources for public access
Bastion server for backend SSH access to the instances

Kubernetes kops is an open source tool that Kubernetes offers that can be used for deploying Kubernetes clusters against different cloud providers. We will be using the tool to help us with the heavy lifting in this tutorial.
Start by installing the most recent version of kops from the master branch.

brew update && brew install –HEAD kops

More information on installing kops can be found here for our non OS X users.

We will also be needing a tool called kubectl. Think of this

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