Announcing TypeScript 2.1

We spread ourselves thin, but this is the moment you’ve been awaiting – TypeScript 2.1 is here!
For those who are unfamiliar, TypeScript is a language that brings you all the new features of JavaScript, along with optional static types. This gives you an editing experience that can’t be beat, along with stronger checks against typos and bugs in your code.
This release comes with features that we think will drastically reduce the friction of starting new projects, make the type-checker much more powerful, and give you the tools to write much more expressive code.
To start using TypeScript you can use NuGet, or install it through npm:

npm install -g typescript

You can also grab the TypeScript 2.1 installer for Visual Studio 2015 after getting Update 3.
Visual Studio Code will usually just prompt you if your TypeScript install is more up-to-date, but you can also follow instructions to use TypeScript 2.1 now with Visual

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