Host the Docs: A Simple, Internal Read the Docs


Host the Docs is a simple way to host static code documentation.
Its main use is as a self-hosted server for your organization’s private documentation.
Better alternatives are available for open source projects, such as Read the Docs or Github Pages.
Host the Docs was created after a long day of banging my head against the wall trying to get
Read the Docs set up with private GitHub repositories,
and having helped develop a plugin to get it to work with Perforce previously.
What the world needed was a way to easily host documentation from several projects,
from any source or language or SCM.
Seriously, let other people generate their own docs, I just want to Host the Docs!

Host the Docs is built with Flask,
so it should be easy enough to set up and run
even if you aren’t a competent web programmer.
You don’t even have to run Host the Docs with Apache or nginx

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