Dockuwiki: A containerized wiki that backs itself up via git

A good old fashioned self backup-ing dokuwiki in a box.

But what is it?

A self installing instance of the venerable dokuwiki that backs itself up to a git repo every hour. All wrapped up in a docker image (sorry, bow not included). Blog post with details here.

But why is it?

I wanted a dead simple method of setting up wikis without hassle. Using a git repo for backups simplifies deployment and eliminates the need for a host with persistent storage.

I don’t get the name

I tried to be cute by combining “Docker” and “Doku”. Get it? Hah!

How do I use it?

Create a git repo somewhere that the docker host can access. Just don’t commit anything to it! In step 2, let’s pretend you used BitBucket for hosting the repo.
$ docker run -d –restart=always –name=wiki -e -e -p 3000:3000 ericbarch/dockuwiki
On the first run, the container will generate a

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