Sending mail with AWS SES and Route53

Table of Contents INTRO I’m in the process of migrating our newsletter / mailing list from Mailchimp to EmailOctopus. That’ll be a different post, this post is about setting up SES and DNS so that we can send mail from our AWS account that is: DKIM signed & verified SPF verified Valid DMARC In short, this setup should give you pretty good deliverability results as long as you’re not sending spam from a bad domain. NOTES I’m not a DKIM/SPF/DMARC/EMAIL expert. This guide is only to share what works for me. There are no guarantees this will work with your set up. I use Route53 for my DNS so these instructions will assume the same. I use a custom domain, Route53, and Mailgun for email forwarding. Adding this SES stuff doesn’t affect it all if done correctly. VERIFY A NEW DOMAIN First we’ll need to log in to the AWS

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