CyanogenMod Inc. Reorganizes, Severs Ties with Project Founder

Steve Kondik has left a statement about the rather troubling news coming out of Cyanogen Inc. this week on the [private] official CyanogenMod developer Google+ community, and things aren’t looking pretty. While Kondik doesn’t say outright that he’s leaving “the Inc,” it’s pretty strongly implied that he wants nothing to do with the company anymore. The problem is that while Kondik wants out and to move on with the CyanogenMod project, there could be significant legal hurdles in fully detangling the open source community project from the for-profit venture.
Kondik also essentially confirms what many had thought for years: the Inc. was badly mismanaged, the executive leadership frequently disagreed, and Kirt McMaster’s moronic comments about putting bullets through heads were an unending source of headaches and embarrassment for all. Kondik doesn’t mince words, and openly blames McMaster for the company’s numerous false starts, media snafus, and confusing business model:
My co-founder [McMaster]

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