EC2 Instance Type Update – T2, R4, F1, Elastic GPUs, I3, C5

Earlier today, AWS CEO Andy Jassy announced the next wave of updates to the EC2 instance roadmap.  We are making updates to our high I/O, compute-optimized, memory-optimized instances, expanding the range of burstable instances, and expanding into new areas of hardware acceleration including FPGA-based computing. This blog post summarizes today’s announcements and links to a couple of other posts that contain additional information.
As part of our planning process for these new instances, we have spent a lot of time talking to our customers in order to make sure that we have a good understanding of the challenges they face and the workloads that they plan to run on EC2 going forward. While the responses were diverse, in-memory analytics, multimedia processing, machine learning (aided by the newest AVX-512 instructions), and large-scale, storage-intensive ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) applications, were frequently mentioned.
These instances are available today:
New F1 Instances – The

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