Amazon Aurora Update – PostgreSQL Compatibility

Just two years ago (it seems like yesterday), I introduced you to Amazon Aurora in my post Amazon Aurora – New Cost-Effective MySQL-Compatible Database Engine for Amazon RDS. In that post I told you how the RDS team took a fresh, unconstrained look at the relational database model and explained how they built a relational database for the cloud.
The feedback that we have received from our customers since then has been heart-warming.  Customers love the MySQL compatibility, the focus on high availability, and the built-in encryption. They count on the fact that Aurora is built around fault-tolerant, self-healing storage that allows them to scale from 10 GB all the way up to 64 TB without pre-provisioning. They know that Aurora makes six copies of their data across three Availability Zones and backs it up to Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) without impacting performance or availability. As they scale, they

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