Slack client for Commodore 64

Slack is great. Many smarter people than me also think that Slack is great. Slack is great because its simple and easier to deal with than emails. With all the time it saves me on emails, I   relax   go the beach   write more code   send messages via Slack instead.

But while Slack might be great, it does not have a great native client for the Commodore 64. In fact, they have no client for Commodore 64 at all!

This is clearly a problem.
Reasoning that “a pull request is better than a complaint”, I’m happy to present the first (and most likely only) Slack client for Commodore 64!

“Team communication for the 21st century” … now backwards compatible with 1985!

The C64 has an extension port called the Userport which, via an adapter, can communicate over RS-232 serial. I connected the Userport to a Raspberry Pi with a artisanal, locally sourced,

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