Configuring a High Interactivity SSH HoneyPot

Safety Advice

Remember running a Honey Pot is all about letting the bad guys in, therefore you’ll want to take steps to ensure the Honey Pot has no way of accessing your other systems. Remember it is solely your responsibility to ensure you secure your data and systems properly, and the author of this guide cannot be held responsible for any data loss or compromises you receive as a result of running a Honey Pot. Also bear in mind the attacker is likely to try and access stuff in the outside world or could try to use your Honey Pot to host content with legal implications, ensure you suitably firewall the front door to your Honey Pot also to just allow SSH access.

In a world of evolving and targeted cyber threats understanding your attacker’s intentions and tools has never been more crucial. By deliberately maintaining vulnerable systems, or Honey Pots, and

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